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内斯托尔•莱斯提沃  先生

Mr. Néstor RESTIVO


  雷斯蒂沃毕业于布宜诺斯艾利斯大学,后在美国乔治城大学取得硕士学位。发表多篇中国问题论著。内斯托尔• 莱斯提沃还是“当代”杂志创始人、“当代”网站(创办者。

  Journalist/Director of Dang Dai

  Mr. Néstor Restivo is an historian graduated from Buenos Aires University (UBA) and postgraduated at Georgetown University, Washington DC. USA. He has been a professor both at the UBA and the ISEN (Institute of Foreign Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Argentina). He published many books, among them China: el aliadoinesperado. Presente y Futuro de las relaciones entre Argentina y la República Popular China (China: the unexpected ally. Present and Future of Argentina and People's Republic of China), and, with Gustavo Ng, Todo lo que necesitás saber sobre China (All you need to know on China). In 2012 he won a contest about knowledge on China, organized by Chinese Embassy and Confucius Institute at Buenos Aires, on the 40 anniversary of bilateral relations, which allowed him to travel to China. He travelled again two years later for a seminar at Nanjing University. Restivo is also a journalist. He has been editor a Clarin newspaper and other media and paper. Currently he works at Public Radio (Radio Nacional), Página 12, AM750 broadcasting and is one of the founders and directors of Dang Dai, magazine and web site ( about cultural relationships between Argentina and China.

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